Edmond Cigale graduated from Rushmore University in 2011 in Integral Consciousness Studies (integration of cognitive science, humanistic and transpersonal psychology, and other scientific disciplines) under the wing of
Prof. Dr. John Rowan (1925 – 2018).

Based on the acquired knowledge, in 2011, Edmond established the three-year private school for humanistic and transpersonal consultants, TCT® Academy, introducing new Transpersonal Cognitive Therapy (ТСТ®). Thus far, over 100 people have been educated and trained in scientific methodology, which has enriched their professional and private lives.

While TCT® cannot be studied without in-person interaction with the instructors, all the science and most methodologies it employs are offered through the ICS Program presented here.

Edmond has been a humanistic psychotherapist and transpersonal consultant since 1996. At present, he is dedicating his time to teaching at the TCT® Academy, supervising new TCT® consultants, providing support as a transpersonal coach, and mentoring Graduate Integral Consciousness Studies students at Rushmore University.

Edmond is an independent NVC consultant, teaching an integral modality of Nonviolent Communication at the TCT® Academy and in individual settings (online as well).

Edmond completed the advanced Paul Ekman Associate Program in 2020 and he specializes in body language, nonverbal communication, and deception detection based on scientific research.

He has been teaching Kriya Yoga since 1996, and Vajrayana since 2016, only in person and for free.

He currently lives in Slovenia, Sezana, with his daughter Lara, and spends most of his spare time meditating. He is also fond of photography, traveling, and triathlon.

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